Friday, March 21, 2014

How to grow up penis. Can Certain Foods Increase Your Penis Size?

How to grow up penis

Fantasizing about what it would be like to have an above average penis size that women drool over? What if that could be a reality... instead of a fantasy? Read on to find out why natural enlargement is certainly the best way to maximize your size and even improve other areas: How to grow up penis.

We all know that it takes food to fuel the body. Without proper nutrition, you could possibly suffer from a variety of diseases associated with malnutrition. Food is the most important thing in keeping your body & cells healthy. It's your daily supply of nutrients that gives you the necessary energy to perform every day. You know if you don't eat right, then your body will feel tired & run-down.

But can eating right affect your penis size?

Well, no food has actually been proven to increase the size of your penis. However, it can make a huge difference in your erection quality which can sure make it seem like your penis is bigger. Most people are skeptical to believe that what you eat can make a difference when it comes to your erect penis. They know that things like smoking & alcohol can have an impact on erection quality but never imagined that what you eat affects your penis also. It only makes sense. Just like wearing jeans (or underwear) that are too tight can make a difference in your sperm production by hindering it. Poor eating habits or bad lifestyle choices can affect your erection as well.

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So which foods can help you have a better erection?

The main thing to look for is certain foods that will aid your blood flow to your penis. The substances in these foods are called vasodilators & how they work is that they allow the blood to flow more freely by feeding the cells along the walls of the blood vessels. Examples of such foods are: milk & eggs, liver & fish, & even vegetables like carrots & broccoli. Basically, you just need to eat right.

Again, no foods can give you permanent penis enlargement, eating good nutritious food that contains vasodilators can make a difference in the quality of your erection. Of course, if you are eating the right things & staying fit through proper rest & exercise, then your penis will have more blood flow which means you are all but guaranteed to have a bigger erection then you would usually have.

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