Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home Penis Enlarge Techiques. The Worst Penis Enlargement Methods

Home Penis Enlarge Techiques

Maintaining penis health is important to a man's overall health - and his sex life; see Home Penis Enlarge Techiques.

Here are the WORST penis enlargement methods:

1. PILLS. Despite the hype, pills don't work and can be a serious drain on your wallet. Penis size pills have been around forever, the twist just changes slightly. Some companies are now luring you in with free 7 day trials, where you may experience a slight, and temporary blood flow increase to your penis which in turn may cause you to believe that your johnson (penis) is growing. And of course you will be tempted then to keep it "growing" by buying the full 60 day supply. But the problem is you aren't growing any bigger. Any slight size increase that MAY occur, is just a temporary blood flow increase and will not be permanent.

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2. SURGERY. Besides being costly, risky, and not the least bit pleasant to even think about, the results of penis enlargement surgery can be less than satisfactory. Many guys don't get the results they thought they would get. Very unnatural looking penises for example. This risk isn't worth it and the patchwork, Frankenstein like results may be worse than how you looked from the start.

3. WEIGHTS. Yes there are "weight hanging" methods for penis enlargement. Hanging weights from the penis can be highly risky. Sure there are some serious weight hangers who may have carefully contrived the exact amount to use and proceed with the utmost caution, but, you are still "going there". You are still hanging weights from your penis. That act alone flies the door open for potential injury or accident, no matter how careful. And since it's your penis we are talking about, this door shut be shut altogether. Slammed shut.

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