Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is enlargement. Well Endowment Is Possible With These Methods

What is enlargement

Here are some of the different penis enlargement methods that you can look into along with various comments on each one to help you decide which one would be the best one for you: What is enlargement.

Tired of thinking your penis is too small? Or would you just like it to be bigger? The truth is that society makes all men want a bigger penis, and all women to want men with larger penises. Most guys want to have a larger penis, because the truth is to women bigger is better. You may want to think that it doesn't matter how big it is, and maybe some women don't care about size, but let's be realistic. Women love big penises.

Maybe women say that size doesn't matter, but that's what they say to us. Who knows what they say when they're with their other female friends. If you truly think sex never comes up when they're talking, you're a fool.

So, with a bigger penis comes more women. But that's not it. If you feel like you're "member" is large, you will be more confident day-to-day. There is a direct correlation between penis size and confidence. So, how can you increase the size of your penis?

To understand how to make your penis bigger, you need to understand its' anatomy. The pills and penis pumps do make your penis bigger, temporarily. They will make you larger for a very short period of time(Less than a day), and this will anger most men.

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The penis is made up of spongy tissue that can expand. This tissue is called the Corpus Cavernosum. What it does is allow your penis to fill up and store blood. If this tissue can be expanded, the penis becomes longer and thicker. There is only 1 way to expand the tissue and that is a few penis exercises known as jelqing.

Jelqing has been used for a very long time in order to increase the size of their penis. Learning how to do these exercises is easy, and once you do, you can see increases in penis size in weeks. These exercises are very easy to do.

Jelqing is used to get healthy blood into your penis by expanding the spongy tissue. By doing these exercises frequently, you will continue to have more blood flow into the shaft of the penis, making it expand. When done correctly, it is proven to make the penis bigger.

Now, this doesn't just make the penis longer. This also makes it thicker, which despite popular belief, is actually more important to woman. This is because thickness is what makes sex more pleasing to the woman rather than length.

So, don't use any pills or surgical procedures. All you need to do to increase the size of your penis, is a series of natural exercises known as jelqing. It is not far fetched to see that you can see 3-5 inches of growth in the penis, while also becoming thicker, in a few weeks.

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