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How To Grow Dick Bigger. An In-Depth Look at Penile Thrush

How To Grow Dick Bigger

Maintaining penis health is important to a man's overall health - and his sex life; see How To Grow Dick Bigger.

Very few people realize it, but penile thrush is almost as common as the vaginal yeast infections that seem to be talked about so much more. With all of the television commercials advertising creams and treatments for vaginal yeast infections, it's not too surprising that few even realize that men can get yeast infections.

One of the biggest surprises about penile thrush is that it is most often caught from a female partner during intercourse. It may not be an infection that people consider a sexually transmitted infection in the common sense of the term, but it can indeed be passed on during sex. And, since not everyone experiences obvious symptoms with a yeast infection, you can be having unprotected sex without even realizing that you're at risk. And furthermore, thrush can continue to be passed back and forth between partners for months or even years if both partners are not treated.

The Symptoms

The symptoms of penile thrush tend to vary in severity. Some men experience such trace symptoms that they don't even realize that anything is wrong while others are hit with every uncomfortable symptom possible.

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Most often, this depends on the man's overall state of health. Men with compromised immune systems due to illness or chemotherapy are more likely to get thrush in the first place and are also more likely to suffer more severe symptoms than one who is perfectly healthy otherwise.

There are some telltale symptoms that can alert you to the presence of penile thrush. They are:

  • Inflammation of the apex and foreskin
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Discharge from the rash
  • White patches
  • Painful intercourse
  • Stinging when urinating
  • Those are the most common symptoms of penile thrush. Some men also feel unusually tired or suffer from a low grade fever when infected, along with some of the other symptoms listed.

    Treating Penile Thrush

    Keeping the area clean and dry is the best start since Candida thrives and grows in a damp or warm environment. Also, avoid using scented soaps, lotions and products on the area to avoid further irritation.
    Spermicides should also be avoided when suffering from penile thrush, as should be sex. Avoid wearing tight underwear and pants and stick to loose and comfortable clothing in breathable fabrics like cotton.

    A natural remedy for penile thrush is the easiest and safest option for treatment.

    You can begin treating the yeast infection from the inside out by taking an acidophilus supplement and cutting out foods that are high in yeast, such as breads, sweets, and beer.

    For treatment on the outside, an all natural yogurt containing active cultures is the way to go. It can be applied right to the penis several times throughout the day to not only help fight to yeast and cure the infection but also soothe the irritated skin. It can be used straight from the fridge-if you can handle it!-to really soothe and help with inflammation.

    Following these steps can have you cured of penile thrush within a week or so.

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