Monday, January 20, 2014

How long can a penis grow. 7 Myths About Penis Enlargement

How long can a penis grow

A healthy penis regimen is vital to maintaining proper functioning of the manhood. How long can a penis grow.

In this article we are going to take a quick look at MANY of the myths that surround penis enlargement, and figure out how to get some STRAIGHT answers if you are looking to build a bigger anatomy. So continue reading below as I shed the bright light of fact and fiction on the 7 biggest myths about penis enlargement and how YOU can avoid them. Read on.

Penis Enlargement is Expensive

It's a MYTH! The fact is that once you learn the NATURAL male enhancement techniques we talk about, it's actually totally FREE!

The Average Penis Length is 6 Inches

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Another myth..:-) The averages MAY be hard to nail down completely, but most REAL science journals say 5 inches erect, and less than 4 while flaccid

Penis Enlargement Surgery is The Best Choice if You Have the Money

Absolutely FALSE! I would NEVER do this personally, even if it were FREE..:-) It's not guaranteed, has mixed results, and painful side effects to boot.

All Enhancement Pumps and Pulleys are Safe

This is not true, unfortunately. You need to REALLY study up before you buy ANYTHING online, as you can find yourself with a poorly made product, and a risky procedure to boot

Male Enhancement is Painful

It shouldn't be..:-) Natural male enhancement exercises are NOT painful at all, and ANY pain in ANY process that involves enhancement means it's time to STOP!

Penis Size is Determined by "chemicals" in the blood stream

This is NOT true! While the AMOUNT of blood determines the size and strength of your erection, this has MORE to do with the size of the corposa cavernosa and penile tissue and NOTHING to do with herbs, vitamins and stuff like that.

Once Your Penis Stops Growing...That's Where it Ends

No - it's NOT! You CAN grow your penis at ANY age, and you can do it naturally. I started enhancement exercises in my late 20's and know MANY men who started at 40 and beyond. It may be a little bit more work past certain optimum ages (much like building your arms or chest would be) but is DEFINITELY more than possible, regardless of what the calender says..:-)

See also: How long can a penis grow

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