Sunday, September 1, 2013

New penis extender. Improve Your Penis Size in Less Than a Month

New penis extender

New penis extender

If what you're looking for is a way to increase your penis by inches, then you are really going to need to use something that works. You could always give surgery a go if you have money to throw away, but there are still many health risks that are associated with this option. If you are serious about growing bigger then you may like to try the same approach that I did - natural enhancement. By taking a more natural approach, I got great results with spending a fortune (and risking my health!). Let me explain exactly how I went from 3.5 inches to an impressive 7.5 inches in less than a month...

Looking at the whole picture...

You need to think about what you are trying to achieve and, for me, that was permanent growth that really made a difference. If this is your goal too then you are going to need to get your body to work with you - and the only way to do that is by restarting the growth of puberty.

How did the penis grow during puberty?

The biological side of puberty is one that is not widely known - but it's actually pretty simple. Your manhood will only grow if your body has the correct biochemicals and during puberty, this was the case. Your body produced exactly the right amount of biochemicals to stimulate growth - and that's why you saw such a dramatic increase in your size. As soon as puberty came to an end, the number of biochemicals in your body dropped and so there were no longer enough to produce growth.

Can you get these biochemicals into the body?

That's the good news - yes you can! Using a Natural Enlargement plan will allow you to do this and it will only take a couple of weeks to begin to produce noticeable results! This could be reduced even further if you perform a few, simple exercises each day (exercise has been proven to help accelerate growth).

If you want to achieve similar results to me (4 inches growth), then natural enlargement could really help you out to improve your size too.

New penis extender

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