Thursday, September 12, 2013

About herbal penis enlargem3nt. How to Get a Bigger Penis Using Natural Exercises

About herbal penis enlargem3nt

About herbal penis enlargem3nt

It's not uncommon to be low in confidence and have a poor self esteem when you have a small penis. The average sized penis that is fully erect is somewhere between 6 to 7 inches in length, so if your penis size is below those figures, you're unfortunately considered as ''small''. But before you throw in the towel, realise that you're not necessarily destined to live the rest of your days with a small penis. Do something about it.

Go Natural

Don't use products like weights, pumps and extenders that force your penis into an unnatural shape, it's unhealthy and you can do some real damage to your body. Exercises are not only great at adding length and girth to your penis, but they can give you stronger erections and allow you to last longer in bed. Whenever you perform exercises, make sure your penis is fully warmed up either will a towel and hot water or by having a bath before. As soon as you're warmed up, you're ready to go!

Jelq Exercise

The jelq is a great exercise that allows you to get a thicker penis and it only needs to be performed about 10 minutes a day to be effective. Other exercises such as ''the pull'' focus on increasing length. You can combine the 2 together to allow your penis to become not only thicker, but longer too, it's completely up to you!

Don't Just Exercise, Feed Your Penis Too

One of the biggest secrets of penis exercises is that you won't see effective growth if you just rely on exercises, for the best results you need to feed your penis with foods that are rich in growth properties. This is known as a biochemical system. This kind of system has growth hormones and nutrients that support mass growth in the body, and was present in the body during body. This is notable because of the effect that puberty had on our penis - it made it grow.

So once again the penis can grow, by manipulating your body into thinking that it's once again in puberty! Combing exercises and a biochemical system together is the fastest and easiest way to getting a bigger penis.

About herbal penis enlargem3nt

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