Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to strengthen penis. Want a Bigger, Thicker Penis

How to strengthen penis

How to strengthen penis

In the past, anybody who claimed to be able to increase the size of your penis was usually a trickster. The only firesafe method to increase your member was by painful, expensive surgery. However, now scientists have exposed a method of penis growth which, by following two simple steps, can yield a growth of nearly 4 inches. I followed it, and sure enough, my penis is now over 8" long, instead of only 4.5". If you yearn for a bigger penis, then these steps might be your answer ...

What methods have the scientists revealed?

Scientists have uncovered the method that your body used during puberty when your penis grew naturally. You body was producing biochemicals which caused this growth. At the end of puberty, there was no more need for these biochemicals, so they stopped being produced. Quite simply, if you are able to put them back into your body, they can restart growth.

What happens if I don't have these biochemicals?

Without these biochemicals, your penis has no hope of growing. That is why so many products on the market fail - they do not recognise their importance. For these charlatans, it is more profitable to sell you pills or extenders.

How easy is it to put biochemicals back in my body?

It is remarkably simple to replace the body's biochemicals. The best way is to follow a natural enlargement system to restart growth. If you do this, and then follow an exercise plan to encourage the nutrient rich blood to flow to your penis, you will accelerate growth. This two step program is the reason why my penis is now so much bigger than before, and I have so much more confidence both in and out of the bedroom!

When your body is sorted you must then start jelqing. This isn't a way to make the penis bigger - jelqing alone doesn't work - but it traps blood in the shaft of your manhood and this means that growth is accelerated. The biochemicals in the blood cause growth. This is how to make your penis bigger.

How to strengthen penis

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