Saturday, August 31, 2013

How can u make your penis longer. Add 5" Onto Your Penis

How can u make your penis longer

How can u make your penis longer

If you want to add size onto your penis I know exactly how you can do it. In the past the only way to effectively add size was surgery; however a lot has changed in the last few years and now penile growth can be the responsibility of your own body. Learn how I used natural enlargement to add 3 inches onto the size of my penis and how you can see similar or greater gains...

The body holds the answers

First of all you need to know what your body can do for you because after all it was the body that originally made the penis grow naturally and the body needs to be part of the process again. The way that your body made your penis grow originally was down to the production of biochemicals. These biochemicals formed into nutrients when they reacted with your blood and these nutrients upon reaching the penis fed the cells within it to multiply and expand. Penis growth during puberty was easy because your body was readily producing these biochemicals. However, when puberty stopped your body stopped producing these biochemicals and your penis stopped growing. You need to take the crucial first step of the natural enlargement method and return the crucial biochemicals back into your system.

Reopen the channels

Once you have returned the biochemicals into your system you need to make sure that they reach your penis where they can turn into the nutrients that will make your penis bigger. The problem is that when puberty ended your body restricted the flow of blood to the penis as a natural defense mechanism. You need to reopen these shut down channels with a light set of penile exercises that will pump that biochemical enriched blood into your penis where it will turn into nutrients and add that size you have been looking for onto your penis.

The natural enlargement method really is the best option out there

The only other method you can use to see the same kind of results you will see with natural enlargement is surgery. If you don't have a few grand to spare or simply don't want to take the risks that come with surgery use a natural enlargement program to add guaranteed gains of 2 - 4 inches onto the size of your penis. The natural enlargement method worked for me and it can work for you too...

How can u make your penis longer

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