Friday, July 26, 2013

Natural penis enhancements. What Are the Best Penis Exercises

Natural penis enhancements

Natural penis enhancements

I am often asked about what the best penis exercises are. I have been around for so long that I know virtually every exercise on the market, and I have tried and tested them all. In this article I'm going to tell you what the best exercises are, and what you can do to really gain from penis exercises. I hope that this helps you to get gains like I have - my penis grew by over 3 inches...

Exercises are a way of getting your penis bigger by forcing lots of blood into it. People used to believe that this is because it causes the blood-vessels in the penis to enlarge and to form new ones, but now we realize that this isn't true. Instead, properties in the blood cause growth when it's trapped in there. There are lots of exercises out there that you can begin to do, but the very best are actually the most simple.

The most effective length exercise is the standard jelq. This exercise involoves you jelqing the penis from base to tip. For this you need to make a ring with your thumb and your forefinger, then you squeeze tightly around the base and milk to the tip. Then with your other hand you grip the base and repeat the process. If you do this for 15 minutes a day then you'll get harder erections and cause growth - if...

You'll only cause growth if you modify your blood so that natural enlargement can resume. When your penis grew during puberty it grew because the biochemicals in the blood reacted with DHT receptors in the penis and growth took place. The blood makes the penis grow, not the exercise. However, when the blood is ready then exercises accelerate growth. That's how I caused gains of over 3 inches.

Natural penis enhancements

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