Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Best penis growth performance. Discover the Easiest Way to Get a Bigger Penis

Best penis growth performance

Best penis growth performance

One of the main reasons why men want to increase the size of their penises is to become more appealing to members of the opposite sex. During sex women find girth more pleasurable, but visually they are attracted to a longer penis. The length of the penis is often the first thing men will refer to when thinking of the true size of the penis, so men generally think that length is more important than girth, which isn't necessarily true. Here's a look at a few of the options available for increasing the length of your penis.

Penis Weights

Hanging weights can eventually stretch your penis, but you end up with a longer, thinner penis. It can take about 6-12 months of hanging weights for a few a hours a day before seeing any results. So really, weights aren't the ideal option.


We all know about the costs of surgery are sky high, but if the results were fantastic then surely it'd be worth it? Well unfortunately to increase the length of your penis by surgery you need to have an implant placed into the penis. This implant will reduce the effectiveness of your erections and will dull your sensitivity. There are a whole array of complications associated with implant surgery and it's simply too risky to justify the cost.


Penis exercises are a great way of increasing the sexual health of your penis. They allow more blood into the penis and will improve your erections and sex drive. They can also help to increase the size of your penis, but by just doing exercises alone can be a frustratingly long procedure. Many men will never see an increase in penis size due to the fact that they give up from frustration. To make penis exercises work quicker you need to work on the same principle of growth for any body part. Exercise, rest and food. The healthier your body, the faster your body repairs itself and cells will multiply in the penis, but by also implementing hormones and biochemicals that were in our bodies during puberty, we can trick our minds into triggering penis growth, just like it did in puberty. This technique is known as the natural method as it works with the body instead of external forcing.

Best penis growth performance

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